O3 — каркас для разработки веб-приложений (Web-Application-Framework).


Архивная копия


The «O³ Web-Application-Framework» empowers the Developer to create high performance Web-Applications while strictly supporting the W3C-Rules (Valid Dokuments, Accessibility, etc.) and the newest Specifications (XHTML 1.1 und CSS 2.1).

It is available either to the terms of the GPLv3, or as a commercial License (on request). Key-Functions:

  • Implements HTTP 1.1 Protocol
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface) functionality is built by dynamic call-up This ensures very good report-times
  • Load distribution across several computers (clustering)
  • User Authorization and Account Managment: authorization, rights administration, session administration, etc. are already integrated into Framework
  • Developers can write without knowledge of HTML or HTTP web-applications
  • Support for various output devices such as browsers, PDAs, text terminals, etc. see >Main Focus of Development and Production
  • High security standards, SSL-encryption, no Java, no Javascript, no cookies
  • >WAI-conform applications possible


  • The following programs and tools are provided under the GPLv3 License.
  • Commercial Licenses available on request.
  • For the rest see our Terms and Conditions.

O³ - WAF

Web-Application-Framework for BlackBox 1.6rc6, last updated: 2009-09-18

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