Skulski W. BlackBox Component Builder For Scientists and Engineers

Skulski Wojtek. BlackBox Component Builder For Scientists and Engineers. (копия) Scientific programming without a sting. (To be presented at LLE in February 2004). Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester

Main points of this presentation

  • Why BlackBox / Component Pascal ?
  • How is a BlackBox application different from a classic «program»?
  • How to establish a good structure from start?
  • I have a DLL. How do I interface it with BB?
  • How to make a powerful GUI without ever bothering about one?
  • How to use waveform graphics BlackBox/Gr?
  • How to use the Graphics and Scientific Library Lib (graphics, matrices, vectors, special functions, digital filters, etc.)
  • What is available from the web: graphics, utilities, etc.
  • Which textbooks are good to read?
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