Wirth N. Programming in Oberon

« Preface

This text has been updated according to the Revised Report issued in 2007. The revised langauge report eliminates various details in the interest of simplification. In particular it eliminates the LOOP, EXIT, WITH, and RETURN statements. It also eliminates the data types SHORTINT, LONGINT, and LONGREAL, and with it the concept of type inclusion. It restricts the increment in the standard procedures INC and DEC to be a constant, and it forbids assignments to imported variables. »

« Preface

This text is an introduction to programming in general, and a guide to programming in the language Oberon in particular. It is primarily oriented towards people who have already acquired some basic knowledge of programming and would like to deepen their understanding in a more structured way. Nevertheless, an introductory chapter is added for the benefit of the beginner, displaying in a concise form some of the fundamental concepts of computers and of programming them. The text is therefore also suitable as a self-contained tutorial. The notation used is Oberon, which lends itself well for a structured approach and leads the student to a working style that has generally become known under the heading of structured programming.

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