An Object Oriented Framework for Oberon-2.

Выдержка из сопроводительной документации к библиотеке Amadeus-3:

« The following applications were all developed with Amadeus-3. This should demonstrate that there is little that cannot be done with this development system and that Oberon-2 code can fit all kinds of demands and environments:

AMADEUS CONFIDENTIAL (AC): a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) written for the Royal Bank of Canada. The first version was implemented under Amadeus-2 and Modula-2 from 1990 to 1993. Since then a new, Windows-based version under Amadeus-3 and Oberon-2 has been in use, handling the highly sensitive data of numbered, private banking accounts in Switzerland.

AMADEUS PORTFOLIO (AP): A full portfolio management system, supporting customers with multiple bank relations, multiple currencies, able to instantly calculate and display the exact status of a portfolio or a combination of portfolios for any date of the present or the past. May be combined with AC, sharing some data, but keeping personal and financial data clearly separate.

EXPERT SPIDER®: A graphical quality control system developed for Du Pont de Nemours, to encourge internal and external customers and suppliers to use scientific methods for measuring the properties of various products. Fully configurable, the system is able to display data in the form of various charts – escpecially spider- or radar-charts – of a whole set of parameters. The acquisition of parameters can be documented with various tools, including videos and full descriptions.

SKIP, ALTM, REALM: Applications for airborne laser topography, developed by TopScan GmbH, a German company, in cooperation with Optech Inc. from Canada. This is real high-tech software, that performs the data analysis and presentation. The user interface remains very useable, despite a huge number of parameters that need to be set for GPS data, Laser configuration, geographic parameters etc. The software is in worldwide use, from Europe to the USA, from South Africa to Japan.

BMAN®: Software used by Du Pont de Nemours in it’s Ballistic Laboratory in Geneva, to test ballistic protection equipment made of Kevlar and other fibers. Police, Military and other exposed personnel throughout the world who need body armor are very likely to use products that were tested with the help of Amadeus Software since 1993.

HP Telecom ’95 Scheduling System: Telecom’95 was the 1995 edition of the biggest telecommunication related trade fair in the world, taking place every 4 years in Geneva. This application was used by Hewlett Packard to schedule the entire event: meeting agendas for their top managers, conferences, presentations, room occupation and staff organisation. During preparation, up to 80 people were entering data over the internal network and during the event, 14 terminals were permanently active on the HP stand.

TM: Complete Intellectual Property Management for Trademarks, Models and Patents. Used to track all intellectual property for companies and individual owners, with national and international registration and a complete calendar for tracking deadlines for payments, renewals and other required administrative procedures. A smaller utility, TM AGENDA allows simplified tracking of deadlines.

KSTOCK: Stock management and European distribution system operated for DuPont, then Invista, for their marketing and technical documentation for LYCRA® and other famous brands. »

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